Main causes of lower back pain in women

Discover what are the most common causes of back pain in females

In this day and age, it is extremely common to have or know someone who has frequent back pain. This pain can be experienced by men or women, young or old, in the upper or lower part of the back… And of course, there can be many causes of this pain.

In case of back pain, a visit to the doctor is indispensable! This is the only way to find out the reason for your pain. However, to give you a little more information on the subject, today we are going to talk about the main causes of lower back pain in women! 

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Before we talk about the most frequent causes behind lower back pain, we just want to make clear that whenever you feel in pain, the best thing to do is talk to a doctor. But now that you are aware of this, let’s get into the subject!


You may have heard of endometriosis before. This condition affects many women around the world and consists of the growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus. The symptoms of this condition range from lower back pain to very severe menstrual cramps and pain when using the toilet on menstrual days!

In addition to the symptoms already described, you may experience bloating and stomach pains, too! So if you notice that your back pain only appears during your period, or that it intensifies on those days of the month, see a gynecologist, okay?


Related to the above item, dysmenorrhea is the name for the severe menstrual cramps that some women experience and which may be the cause of lower back pain. While some women can cope with this pain, others feel so bad that they need to go to the hospital. Dysmenorrhea affects the uterus, but its pain can radiate to various parts of the body such as the back, the abdomen, and even the legs!


Pregnancy may be the cause of your lower back pain if you are near the fifth semester. This type of pain happens to pregnant women because the gravity center of the body changes with the baby’s growth. Therefore, it’s quite common for ladies who are expecting to feel this pain! A great option for this is using pregnancy belly support!


And, of course, another super common reason for feeling lower back pain is a muscle strain! This type of injury happens especially if you lift heavy things often or incorrectly, or if you make some type of movement that forces your muscle. 


Besides going to a doctor, there are other things you can do to help alleviate pain in the lower back. Simple and effective ways to relieve this type of pain are exercises – such as the ones in this other article -, making sure you have good posture, and last but certainly not least, using a waist belt! 

If you want to try using a waist belt to help alleviate your lower back pain and help you with your posture, we recommend the Brazilian brand Plié’s High Compression Control waist corset. Although it’s made of a compressive material, it’s extremely comfortable and helpful to the back! 

Those are the 4 main causes of lower back pain in females! Remember that it isn’t normal to feel pain – especially if you don’t recall any awkward movements you’ve made recently – so talking to your doctor is a must. And if you want to try out waist support, go to Metro Brazil’s website and check out all the amazing pieces available!


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