All about the back brace

What is it good for and how you should use it

Nowadays, one of the most common complaints from people all over the world is back pain. Although this pain has always existed, current habits – such as staying in front of a computer most of the time – are the reason for it being so frequent today. In addition to a healthier lifestyle, one thing that can help with that problem is the back brace!

There are different types of back braces, each one providing different benefits for the spine! Today, we are going to show you what those types of braces are, the advantages of using them, as well as how to wear them[1]H. (2020, June 17). The Types of Back Braces and Their Benefits. Horton’s Orthotics & Prosthetic. However, we must highlight that it is very important to talk to a doctor about your pain, as a physician is the best person to tell if one of these garments would be beneficial for you!


Back braces can be divided into two main groups: rigid braces and soft braces. While the former group is made of a mix of soft fabric and plastic or metal parts, the latter is made of soft and adjustable fabric, such as cotton and velcro! While soft braces don’t really need to be customized for the person who wears them, rigid braces do. Their main difference is that soft back supports allow motion of the spine and rigid ones don’t!


The different types of braces are indicated[2]What are the Benefits of Wearing a Back Brace? (n.d.). GS Medical Center. Retrieved March 19, 2021, from for distinct types of back pain or spine condition:

  • Rigid back braces are best if you suffer from severe scoliosis, went through surgery, or suffered some back injury. Its rigidity makes it difficult (or impossible) to move your back, securing a good recovery or total immobility. 
  • If you feel some daily discomfort or want to improve your posture, soft braces are the most indicated, since they compress your abdominal muscles without immobilizing your spine!


The main action of the back support garment is putting pressure on the abdominal muscles as well as preventing spine motion. By applying such pressure, the brace reduces lower back pain, prevents you from moving quickly (which may cause injuries if you went through surgery, for example), and takes the pressure off the muscles. With it, you will be able to keep good posture and avoid new injuries!

back brace
Body brace with compression


It may seem as if wearing a back brace is complicated – especially if we are talking about rigid ones. However, modern back supports are fairly easy to wear! Some of them are even wearable under the outfit! You do need to have caution when choosing a non-customized one, though: it mustn’t be too loose nor too tight. The best way to know it is the correct size is by checking if it fully covers your lower or upper back – depending on the model you choose. 

It’s also nice to know that pregnant women can benefit from back braces (made specifically for them, of course)! One of the most known complaints of ladies during pregnancy is their back pain. A maternity one allows them to go on with their daily activities while supporting their belly. And since they are made from soft materials, they are easily wearable during all stages of pregnancy and postpartum!

pregnancy back brace
Compression corset panties for pregnant women

Did you already know about all the different types of back braces and their benefits? From what we showed you, there are lots of good consequences of using back support. But remember: the first thing you should do when feeling any spine pain is talking to your doctor, ok? If they tell you that back support will benefit you, then go ahead and check out Metro Brazil’s website, where you can find amazing back supports from the best Brazilian brands!


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