5 steps on how to pick the right deodorant

Get to know what to consider when buying a deodorant

You may have already asked yourself that question, or – most likely – you haven’t: are you using the ideal deodorant? Well, although it seems simple and easy to buy, the choice of a deodorant (which is different from an antiperspirant – keep reading and you’ll see!), oddly enough, is quite complex!


Today we are going to show you some steps you must take to buy the ideal deodorant for you. After all, you may simply want a fragrant deodorant, but you may be looking for something more elaborate[1]Black, L. R. (2016, January 30). How To Choose The Best Deodorant For Your Body & Your Lifestyle. Bustle. … Continue reading! And before we go on, as we promised, let’s explain the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant:

  • while the former serves to fight bacteria that cause the famous B.O. in the armpits, the latter blocks the sweat ducts, preventing it from happening (at least in large proportions).

Now, let’s go to the 5 steps you must take to choose the ideal deodorant[2]R. (2015, March 11). Are You Using the Right Deodorant? (Yes, There Is a Right Kind). Women’s Health. https://www.womenshealthmag.com/beauty/a19903685/choosing-the-right-deodorant/!


Have you ever wondered if there is any difference between a stick deodorant and a spray one? If you think that the only thing that changes is the physical aspect of the product, know that it is not only that!

While the spray format is great because it doesn’t need a long time to dry, it doesn’t have the same concentration of active ingredients as the stick deodorant! Because it is an aerosol, there is a certain limit of products that it can support. So, if you are buying deodorant for factors other than the fragrance, the ideal is to opt for the stick format, okay?

man body deodorant

If you are active on social media, you must have realized that the great fashion of the moment is the use of natural products! In addition to being great for the environment, natural products often have very positive effects on the human body – including armpits!

So, if you care about the number of chemicals that come into contact with your body daily, look for a natural deodorant option! And it is worth mentioning that, because they have natural active ingredients, they are mostly found in stick format or even in cream!


Anyone who has used a deodorant that is not “stain-free” has encountered a yellowish stain on light clothing or a whitish stain on dark clothing. And although many think these stains are sweat, they are actually caused by the deodorant or antiperspirant!

Since not all of us have the patience to try to get stains off our clothes, consider whether the deodorant you are going to buy can stain. In most drugstores, you can find “stain-free” options. However, if there is no specification, see if the product contains aluminum! If it does, keep away from it!

woman body deodorant

As we mentioned in the item above, aluminum is often the major cause of stains on clothing. But in addition to that, aluminum also blocks the sweat glands. Despite being the goal of those looking for an antiperspirant, it may not be the healthiest option. That’s because it affects the body’s natural process of maintaining an ideal temperature!


Of course, if you notice that your sweat is in huge quantities or has a very strong smell, the ideal is to seek a doctor who can check if everything is fine with your body. In milder situations, where the biggest problem will be the production of bacteria in the armpit area, the doctor will probably recommend some deodorant that also has medical properties!

You may also notice allergic reactions after using a regular pharmacy deodorant. Know that you DO need to go to the doctor! He can give you some hypoallergenic deodorant recommendations and check if there is a bigger issue!

As you saw, the choice of deodorant is more complex than it looks, right? But now you know what to watch out for the next time you buy a deodorant. After all, taking care of the body is an extremely important action! And if you want to take better care of your body and your health, enter the Metro Brazil website and see the countless high-quality products that we have available directly from Brazil to you!


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