3 reasons why you should be wearing shapewear

Get to know the benefits of shapewear!

Nowadays, many people still often associate shapewear with corsets from 500 years ago. If you are one of them, know that a lot has changed for the better thanks to technology! Contemporary shapewear is made of comfortable, safe, and innovative fabrics that provide many benefits. And today, we’re going to talk about the 3 main reasons why you should be using shapewear!

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This is the benefit most associated with wearing control lingerie (another name for shapewear). Because of the compressive fabrics, control lingerie is perfect for hiding some of the fat – although there’s nothing wrong with that – and enhance the parts of your body you like best, like bust, butt, and waist!  

Thus, shapewear can be great for wearing tighter dresses or even in everyday life, if you feel the need. Depending on the style of your outfit, you can opt for modeling lingerie in the form of a bodysuit or in the form of shorts, like the wonderful options below, from the Brazilian brand Plié!


The reasons for wearing shapewear go far beyond aesthetics! Another reason to wear control lingerie is the fact that because of the compression, you will naturally keep your back straighter. This is especially true if you choose to wear corset-style shapewear!

Thus, by keeping your back erect, the chances of having any problems with back pain will be close to zero! And if you suffer from this kind of pain, this shapewear helps to alleviate it. Also, you will find that keeping good posture will become a habit. So make sure you check out some shapewear options that help you keep your posture, like the one from Brazilian brand Liz!


Another reason to wear shapewear is if you have had a baby recently! One of the biggest complaints new moms have is that their abdomen is more flabby than before. This sagging of skin and muscle is totally normal during pregnancy, as the body had to adjust to the baby’s growth. 

However, the sagging is a nuisance for many women, and without the right care, it can take a long time to go away! This is where the use of lingerie modeling comes in: Because of the compression in the abdominal region, the muscles are pressed, becoming stronger over time and helping the organs as they return to their usual positions!

If you find yourself in this situation, one piece we recommend is the Plié Control Postpartum corset – beautiful, comfortable and safe, it will definitely help to strengthen your abdomen!

From the list, you can see that there are great reasons to wear shapewear more often! Although it does cause compression, we want to remind you that wearing control lingerie should not be uncomfortable or painful. The best way to choose the right shapewear is to go for reputable brands, like Plié, Liz, and all the other ones you’ll find on Metro Brazil’s website!


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