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Best Women Gym-Wear: Enhance Your Sport Performance.

Every task we do has its gadgets and tools to simplify it and make it more efficient; exercise is no different. When you set your mind to start working out, you should look into sportswear that is comfortable and enhances your performance. There are many types and shapes of women’s gym-wear for you to choose from; make sure you go for high-quality material to avoid any allergies.

Benefits of Women Gym-Wear:

Why is it essential to select a high-quality gym-wear? In short, they protect you and enhance your workout results.

  • Sportswear supports your lower back, reduces pain, and protects it from any sport-related injury.
  • They help in weight loss as they increase heat, make you sweat more, and in turn, burn fats, in addition to the pressure they apply on the stomach, making you eat less.
  • Gym-wear can protect your joints from injury and maintain your hips balanced while you are working out.
  • Sport-bras support and lift your bust and prevent it from sagging.
  • Gym-wear can also help pregnant women to exercise more healthily.
  • They keep your body tight and fit, in addition to lifting your buttocks.

Recommendations for Women Gym-Wear Use:

Like any product, getting the best out of gym-wear is not only about its features but also about how you use it.

  • Stay hydrated and drink a lot of water to make up for what you lost through sweating.
  • Choose the appropriate fitting size of the sportswear; using a smaller size can lead to breathing and gastric issues.
  • Avoid prolonged and extended wear of these products and allow your skin to breathe.
  • Keep your gym-wear clean to avoid fungus and allergies.
  • Make sure you purchase high-quality material to prevent any side effects.

Types of Women Gym-Wear:

You can choose many shapes and kinds of sportswear: full bodysuits, pants, and shorts of different lengths, bras, shirts, t-shirts, skirts, jackets, and corsets.

When you set your mind to purchase women’s gym-wear, make sure you choose high-quality material for your ultimate comfort and support. The pioneer worldwide known Brazilian brands Lupo and Plie offer you the best sportswear; they are now available for you in the Arab World at MetroBrazil with fast delivery and affordable prices.

Macacão LSport

Women Gym-Wear Full Bodysuit
  • Full bodysuit with a unique model for the practice of sports activities with high performance, offering greater freedom of movement.
  • Chest with a thorax. The fabric on the back and sides of the legs provides excellent breathability.
  • Ribbed waist for perfect body fit.
  • Seamless Dry Technology to reduce friction.
  • Strategic ventilation at critical sweat points for thermal comfort and constant freshness.
  • Hygienic treatment to prevent microorganisms proliferation.
  • Also available as Shorts Bodysuit.

Calça Legging Open Air

Women Gym-Wear Leggings
  • Open air leggings.
  • Seamless Dry Technology, Strategic Ventilation, and Hygienic Treatment.

Corset Calça Corsário Move

Women Gym-Wear Pants
  • Comfort fit pants.
  • Seamless Dry Technology, Strategic Ventilation, and Hygienic Treatment.

Sport Bermuda Max

Women Gym-Wear Bermuda
  • Suitable for the practice of sports activities because it allows greater freedom of movement.
  • Low waist and double ribbed fabric with internal silicone for added fit and grip to the skin.
  • Ribbed sides and double cuffs for a perfect fit.
  • Seamless Dry Technology, Strategic Ventilation, and Hygienic Treatment.

Sport Short Attack

Women Gym-Wear Shorts
  • It is developed with superior modeling to practice high-performance activities, allowing greater freedom of movement.
  • Double-ribbed waistband with internal silicone for added grip to the skin.
  • Microfiber Seamless Dry Technology to reduce friction, Strategic Ventilation, and Hygienic Treatment.

Skirt Tapa Bumbum Mescla

Women Gym-Wear Skirt
  • Microfiber Seamless Dry Technology to reduce friction, Strategic Ventilation, and Hygienic Treatment.
  • Material that reflects in the dark, allowing you to go for night runs and workouts.

Calça Legging LSport Mom

Pregnant Women Gym-Wear
  • Pregnant pants that wrap and support the belly with total comfort throughout the gestation period.
  • Back ribbed fabric to relieve lumbar.
  • Ribbed and wide elastic legs and waist for a perfect fit.
  • Microfiber Seamless Dry Technology to reduce friction, Strategic Ventilation, and Hygienic Treatment.

Top Basic Up

Women Gym-Wear Bra
  • It is developed with unique modeling to practice high-performance sports activities.
  • It enables greater freedom during movement.
  • Inner buckle, which provides more significant support and safety during the impact movements of sports activities.
  • Center neckline with anatomical drape, textured double fabric back and reinforced ribbed waist.
  • Microfiber Seamless Dry Technology, Strategic Ventilation, and Hygienic Treatment.

Lupo Regata Warm Feminina

Women Gym-Wear Shirt
  • Promotes thermal insulation, maintaining body temperature, and slowing the exchange of heat with the external environment.
  • It has bacteriostatic properties, neutralizes odors, and has excellent absorption and moisture management.

Fitness Corset

Women Gym-Wear Waist Corset
  • High compression and respect for curves.
  • The elasticity of this piece adjusts to the body for greater freedom of movement.
  • Structure with eight diagonal fins, made of galvanized steel.
  • Hydrophilic treatment that eliminates sweat and allows your skin to breathe.
  • Three hooks to adjust the size easily.

Arm Corset UV Sleeves

Women Gym-Wear Arms Corset
  • Acts as a tensor for the arms.
  • Provides firm support, with a double cuff at the ends, internal silicone top for added grip and firmness, and double-needle stitched bottom and sleeve hems for lasting quality.
  • It promotes blood circulation, increasing the availability of oxygen, and efficiently removing lactic acid.
  • Minimizes muscle vibration, swelling, fatigue, and cramps.
  • It applies different levels of compression to improve muscle balance and body posture.
  • Breeze technology: Nilit’s high-performance fiber provides extreme strength, optimum support, flexibility, and softness to the finished product.
  • UV protection, Seamless Dry Technology, Strategic Ventilation, and Hygienic Treatment.

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