Why you must have a bodysuit

We have all heard before of a “little black dress”. It is considered a “key cloth” in every woman’s closet. We go beyond that theory and add: a bodysuit is just as essential.

Just like the black dress, a bodysuit is also simple, elegant, timeless and easy to wear and match. They are much more than “just” lingerie – some of them are so pretty and elegant that can be used on street outfits.

You can wear it in many different ways and there is a model to suit every kind of style. Get to know must have bodysuit options and all of them possibilities! 


What is exactly a bodysuit?

A bodysuit is a one-piece garment. They are similar to beach wear suits, but not necessarily made of lycra and with many different functions, looks and ways to use. Let’s learn some of them: 

Modeling bodysuits 

A modeling bodysuit has the main benefit of shaping the body. It is made to be worn under clothing, so it needs to adjust perfectly to the body, leaving no marks and looking invisible. 

There are many different designs of modeling bodysuits and each design provides a different advantage. 

Some designs have shorts, which prevent friction between the legs and, besides reducing measurements of the abdomen, also reduce measurements of outer tights and provide an “up” effect on the butt. 

Some other bodysuits have neckline models that shape the breast in a discreet way. They dispense the bra and are perfect to be worn with low-cut clothes. On the other hand, there are breast free bodysuits designed to be versatile and used with different types of bra

Sexy bodysuits

Lingerie is really powerful – the right choice can totally improve women’s self-esteem and generate a feeling of empowerment. 

A sexy bodysuit, made with lace and other delicate and luxurious fabric, besides being a beautiful lingerie, has the characteristic shaping function of the garment as a differential. 

It is a wonderful choice for a special date or even a honeymoon or wedding night. 

Fashion bodysuits

These types come in many different styles and have been a fashion trend for a while! Some of them are so beautiful that they can be worn on street outfits – and they are actually made for that. 

They are versatile. They can act as a basic t-shirt, combined with denim pants or skirts. Or being a key piece under many layers of clothes in a complex and fashionable look.

The models and fabrics in these cases vary a lot. From lycra and cotton to reinterpretations of classic lace, ensuring a sexy-but-not-vulgar look.


Now that you know the main types of bodysuits, you can choose your favorite model (or choose all of them) and rock it around with your clothes! 

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