keratin hair therapy

What is Keratin Hair Therapy?

Keratin hair therapy is a chemical method for hair straightening, usually held in beauty salons to give your hair a shiny look and make it easily-designed. It is your go-to option when traditional domestic recipes fail to provide you with the desired look. The results last up to six months.

Keratin is a naturally produced protein and a component of the hair, nails, and skin. It can also be found in internal organs and glands. The risk of Keratin to break down is lower than any other cells produced by the body.

Generally, manufacturers derive the Keratin they use in cosmetic products from the feathers, horns, or wool of different animals. Keratin supplements, products, and therapies can help strengthen your hair since Keratin is the hair’s fundamental structural unit.

However, Keratin shampoos and conditioners are not as efficient as beauty salons Keratin therapies held by professionals.

How Keratin Hair Therapy Works

  • Your hair is first washed and cleaned adequately.
  • The hairstylist then applies Keratin on your wet hair and leaves it for half an hour; some stylists prefer doing so after your hair dries.
  • Afterward, your hair is ironed at a relatively high temperature to maintain results. The process can take several hours.
  • You should leave your treated hair unwashed; untouched by water, for 3 – 4 days.
  • Don’t use a rubber band to tie or lift your treated hair during that period because it might leave a mark.
  • The therapy’s results and efficiency differ according to how healthy your hair is, how thick it is, and Keratin’s type.

Benefits of Keratin Hair Therapy

keratin hair therapy

Keratin therapy results in significant benefits, whether held at home or with the help of a specialist, including the following:

Brighter and Softer Hair

Keratin softens the cells which intertwine to form hair locks, making it less curled and easier to style. Once your hair dries, Keratin gives it a healthy, shiny look. In addition to enhancing split ends by temporarily holding the hair together.

Easily-styled Hair

Keratin makes your hair more prominent to styling, and that is pretty noticeable if you have thick curly hair.

And if you are used to exposing your hair to heat, you will observe a reduction in hair drying time to almost half after receiving Keratin therapy.

Hair Growth

Keratin strengthens your hair and prevents its breakage, making the hair grow faster since it eliminates split ends.

Long-term Results

Results can last for up to 6 months if you follow the after-treatment recommendations, like reducing the number of times you wash your hair to 2 – 3 times a week.

Risks and Side Effects of Keratin Hair Therapy

Many Keratin products contain Formaldehyde, the compound responsible for removing hair curls and straightening it. However, it can be a health risk when you inhale its vapor; people who are constantly exposed to this vapor, like hair stylists, suffer from Nosebleeds and Respiratory issues in the long run. Therefore, you should hold the treatment in places with adequate ventilation and use the less-effective but safer Formaldehyde-free products.

Keratin therapy results are hard to maintain as many factors can reduce their lifetime; like washing your hair too many times, or swimming in salty or chlorinated water.

You should wash your treated hair with Sodium Chloride and Sulphur-free shampoo and conditioner since both substances can cause Keratin effects to subside.

If you are pregnant, we strongly recommend avoiding Keratin therapy; it is not healthy neither for you nor the embryo.

Aftercare is just as important as the treatment; always seek high-quality natural hair care products. You can explore your options at MetroBrazil store, where the best is merely a click away.

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