Waist trainer: the complete guide

Having a small waist is the dream of most women. We all know that achieving it is not an easy and quick task. However, it is far from being impossible: actually, some habits and exercises can help you a lot with that! It is the case of the waist trainer.

Exercising and modeling corsets are old but gold tricks that lead you to a smaller waist. By combining both, your results can be even better. That is possible due to the waist trainer: a special corset meant to be worn during exercises. In this article, we will explain everything you must know about this life changing shapewear!

What is a waist trainer?

It is an undergarment, and just like its name suggests, it is meant to be worn around the waist. Its fabric is super thick and provides a compression effect, which causes the reduction of the waist measurements.

How to choose the best waist trainer

If you have never worn a waist trainer before, its design might seem confusing and picking the right one can look like a hard task. But you don’t have to worry: it is actually pretty simple, and once you get used to it, you’ll be enjoying your waist trainer and the smaller waist effect it provides! To help you with that, here are some clarifying tips:

The best material

Waist trainers need to have strong and thick fabric, but at the same time it also needs to be flexible and stretchy. Considering this, the best material for a waist trainer is latex. However, some people have sensitivity to latex. In this case, try softer fabrics, such as cotton.

The best fit

It’s not just you who needs to adapt to the corset; the corset needs to be compatible with your body type and lifestyle. There are a bunch of different waist trainers. Choose yours considering your routine and how you plan to use it. For example:

  • Do you consider wearing your corset during your workout routine? Then you must avoid iron busks. They limit your body movements and can feel really uncomfortable.
  • If you want a discreet effect, easier to hide underneath your clothes, neutral and light colors, such as nude, are the best.
  • For petite body types, a shorter waist is what you need.
  • If you need extra support, look for a vest style.

Wearing waist trainers during exercises

While corsets can provide you with instant smaller waist effects, exercises are known for making long-lasting changes to the body. But did you know you can combine both of these methods and maximize your results? But to achieve good (and healthy) results, it is important to follow some rules. Take a look:

Choose your waist trainer wisely

Some waist trainers are especially designed to be worn during a workout. These are the ones you have to choose. Choosing regular corsets can be really uncomfortable and even harmful for your health. Plus, regular corsets limit your movements, affecting the exercises’ effectiveness.

Waist trainers are not made to be worn during intense workouts

If you are planning to do a high intensity workout, wearing waist trainers is not recommended. For lighter exercises and workout routines, special waist trainers are a good idea, since they might assist you to keep a straight posture.

Always be careful

You always have to be careful when wearing waist trainers. But besides, you also need to be careful after its use:wash your waist trainer properly to ensure that it doesn’t harbor bacterias and consequently cause bacterias or breakouts.

Following these tips, you are ready to purchase the perfect waist trainer and enjoy its benefits!

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