Types of flat irons and which one you should use

Every woman has heard about flat irons – most ladies have even used them before. After all, to get that smooth, straight hair, most of the time, a hair straightener is the easiest way to go! But with using a hot plate comes several cautions: it’s well known that heating devices can damage the hair if used incorrectly or excessively. Moreso, there is more than one type of such item[1]InStraight. (2020b, December 28). 6 Types of Flat Irons and What They’re Made of. … Continue reading!

Each type of hot plate is indicated to a specific hair type, depending on the material it is made of. Thinking about making your life easier when choosing one of these devices, today we are going to talk about types of hair straighteners and their differences! 



If you want to get rid of frizz without causing any damage to your hair, tourmaline flat irons should be your go-to. Normally, the tourmaline is used as a coat for a ceramic plate. Since ceramic is already one of the smoothest surfaces there is, combined with tourmaline, it gives your hair shine and a healthy aspect!

Tourmaline hot plates are great at distributing the heat in an even manner, making it quicker to straight the hair! Because it contains negative ions, it locks the hair’s natural moisture and avoids any subsequent damage!


Have you ever heard of titanium? Well, titanium is one of the most durable metals there are, and nowadays, it is the most popular material used on straightening irons! If your mane is thick or curly, a titanium hair straightener is the one for you!

Just like tourmaline flat irons, the titanium ones distribute the hair evenly, making the straightening process easier and quicker! Also, because of the negative ions produced by it, it gets rid of frizz and leaves your locks shiny and smooth! Look for titanium hair straighteners with heat settings to make sure you are using the right temperature for your type of hair, ok?

Oh, and to buy a titanium hot plate is to guarantee that you’ll have a hair straightener for a long time! We recommend you Lizze’s Extreme flat iron, that will for sure make your life easier! 

Lizze titanium hot plate

Extremely famous among women, ceramic flat irons are perfect for thin and fragile hair! Since they don’t contain any metal trace, ceramic hair straightening irons are safer to use since they don’t achieve very high temperatures!  They are also known for causing little to no damage to the hair. Ceramic irons are easy to control and will leave your hair smooth and shiny just like you want!


As the name suggests, professional flat irons are those recommended for and by professional hairstylists. If you are someone with extensive experience with straightening your hair, this type of straightening irons could suit you! 

Professional hair straightening irons have several features and last for a long time! They will leave your hair smooth, glowy, and damage-free (when used correctly, of course). However, they are way more expensive than other types of hot plates. 


Due to a venting system, wet to dry flat irons are capable of being used on wet hair! If you have thick or long hair (and hate having to dry them before styling them), they should be your go-to. 

Although they are great at preventing frizz, they won’t leave your hair as smooth and glowy as other types of hot plates previously mentioned. However, if you want to replace your blow dryer and leave your hair a little straighter at the same time, they are perfect for you! But remember to use a thermal protecting product beforehand, ok?

Did you know about all these types of flat irons? As you can see, each one of them has its purposes and advantages! If you want to know more about flat irons and how to choose them, check out this previous article on our blog! And if you are interested in buying a high-quality, amazing hair straightener, go to Metro Brazil’s website!


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