Tips to tone up after weight loss

We all know that getting the perfect figure takes time, but what happens to your skin when you lose weight and how do you get that desired toned physique? Your body has incredible adaptability to change, but it might take a long time for it to catch up. If you’ve dropped a lot of weight in a short length of time, you might still have some loose skin hanging around. 

The skin is a living organ made up of millions of cells. The cells on the surface of the skin are lost and replaced every day, while the cells on the inside take longer to regenerate since they are more permanent.  Your skin effectively stretches or shrinks as you lose or gain weight. 

By lowering the fat that keeps skin stretched out, you’ll temporarily reduce the skin’s elasticity, making skin appear loose and flabby after weight reduction. But how can we fix it?

Well, here are some tips to tone up your body and get rid of extra skin.

Scrub and moisturize your skin

Exfoliating your skin stimulates blood flow and eliminates dead skin cells from the surface, promoting the formation of new skin. Before you shower, use a dry skin brush to promote blood flow up to your heart. Work in circular patterns starting from your feet.

Alternatively, you might use an exfoliating body scrub while washing; look for one that contains caffeine to help boost blood flow. Exfoliating aids in cellulite reduction for the same reason.

While it’s important to hydrate your skin from the inside out by drinking plenty of water, you also need to hydrate the skin’s surface to maintain it healthy. To lock in moisture and tighten the skin, apply an intensive moisturizer supplemented with skin-plumping collagen or a product containing natural oils such as coconut, almond, or olive oil. 

Invest in massages

Regular massages also enhance blood circulation to the skin’s surface, which encourages the creation of new skin cells for a tighter appearance. It can also assist relieve muscle tension and promote a stress-free mindset.

While massaging, pay close attention to the loose skin to avoid injury. Use a heavier cream infused with nourishing ingredients, such as shea butter. If the skin is still too slippery, blot it down with a towel and gently massage it with dry hands.

You can also go to a masseuse to get more professional massages. By providing enough compression with their hands, forearms, or fingers to reach the muscles beneath the skin, the professional may ensure that they are targeting the muscles behind the skin, rather than merely the skin itself.

Strength training to build muscle

Excess skin must be removed by building muscle. Fast weight loss is frequently the outcome of intensive cardio and a calorie-deficient diet. As a result, the majority of muscle, as well as fat, has been removed, resulting in a lack of definition and a saggy skinned appearance.

Compound resistance motions performed in circuits is a wonderful technique to burn fat while also building muscle, resulting in a toned figure. To maximize muscular groups, try deadlifts, squats, and clean-and-press exercises. 

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Even if none of the tactics listed above work for you, you should be proud of the body you’ve worked so hard to obtain. Be proud of your body and think of your loose skin or stretch marks as reminders of how far you’ve gone.

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