The guide to choose comfortable panties

Many people don’t care about it, but the truth is: purchasing the right underwear is one of the wisest choices you can make. It is not only about the looks; it has everything to do with the way you feel – literally. 

We wear underwear everyday, all day long. It is the garment that most comes in direct (and tight) contact to our skin. So, it needs to be comfortable. Although bras take the major “vilain fame”, the wrong choice of panties can be a terrible experience, as well. 

Can you imagine a long day of work with your panties pinching your body? A true nightmare, isn’t it? Panties need to sit on the skin perfectly. And this article showed up to get you rid of this uncomfortable situation. Here is your guide to pick your next super comfortable panties. You will never make a wrong purchase again! 

Know your measurements

We know that that’s why we have size standards like S, M and L. However, the measurement standards can vary according to each brand. You can be an average S in most brands, but can be a medium size in a brand with smaller standards or then a XS in a brand with larger standards. 

Trying the underwear on before purchasing is a good way to avoid this issue, but that doesn’t work if you are buying online. An idea that is effective in all situations is to measure your body and take notes. 

This way, whenever you need to buy new panties but can’t try them on, you can just check if your usual size matches your body measurements. 

Know your body shape

Sizes are important: of course thin girls wear a different size than plus size girls. However, this is not the only thing to take into account. Besides your body dimensions, you need to consider your body shape. 

You can be a L size, but have narrow hips. Or a S size with large hips and so on… there are countless possibilities since each body is unique. But there is also a wide range of models of comfortable panties to contemplate and suit all these different bodies. Find yours! 

Get the right fabrics for your comfortable panties

Okay, you’ve got the right size, the right model to your body shape… but chose the wrong fabric. This is a common mistake that can totally compromise your pantie’s comfort. Getting high quality and comfortable fabrics is just as important as the other topics.  

Cotton is the answer: it is smooth and breathable. By choosing cotton, you won’t feel sweaty or squeezed. Even if you don’t want panties made 100% out of cotton (we know – and love – some tulle and lace), at least pick panties with cotton bottoms, or some other antimicrobial fabric. 

Pay attention to details of your comfortable panties

Some details of your panties confection can make them more or less comfortable. Firm elastics, for example, are a must: they are necessary to adjust the underwear perfectly to your body. But be careful: firm doesn’t mean tight. Avoid super tight elastics, they are uncomfortable and leave marks underneath your clothes. 


Your underwear isn’t supposed to be “grabbing” you. It is supposed to feel like a hug, embracing your body. And now that you know how to pick it, that is how you are going to feel: cozy all day long!

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