Stick-on bra: 4 tips on how to maintain yours

Find out how to make your adhesive bras last for a long time!

There’s one type of bra that is known for dividing opinions: the stick-on bra. For a first-time user, it can be quite challenging to understand how to put it on correctly, since it can seem strange to touch – especially when we are talking about the silicone stick-on bras! But not only that, another aspect that can make this lingerie type dreadsome is the maintenance…

There are a few things you can do to make sure your adhesive bras last for as long as possible. Today, we are going to show you 4 easy tips to preserve your stick-on bra for quite some time!

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The hacks we are going to show you are actually basics when it comes to preserving your adhesive bra. After all, you need to pay attention to what you do before you put it on and after you take it off! So let’s see what you need to do to maintain this underwear type!


To make sure your adhesive bra will work properly, it’s important to apply it only on dry skin. This means that you shouldn’t use any type of body cream or lotion on the breast area before putting it on! Otherwise, it won’t stick – and not only that but the adhesive tissue can actually be damaged by the ingredients on the products you use…

Of course, choosing a high-quality product is also super important to guarantee that the adhesive tissue won’t be damaged after a few uses. So that’s why we recommend you the Brazilian brand Lupo’s Strapless Adhesive Silicone Bra! Made from medical silicone, it’s sure to resist many external factors!


We know that after a day of wearing a bra nothing feels more satisfying than simply taking it off. However, when it comes to taking your stick-on bra, you should always do it carefully. Since the adhesive tissue is quite sensitive, pull it off slowly and carefully. By doing so, you’re guaranteed to have a more lasting bra!

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One of the first things women complain about stick-on bras is that they gather lots of dirt. This is quite understandable since it’s essentially adhesive tissue, meaning residues will stick to it if not cleaned properly. That’s why you should always clean your stick-on bra right after taking it off!

But how do you clean your adhesive bra? Well, it’s pretty simple: use soft, gentle hand soap with warm water! Carefully rub it on the sticky tissue and remove any dirt with the tips of your fingertips (be careful not to use your nails!). Do this and let it air dry! And NEVER use alcohol or other cleaning product, since it can take off the adhesive effect.


The last tip may seem strange, but if you have ever owned an adhesive bra before, you know that the silicone adhesive tissue it’s incredibly nice to touch – many types leading to scratching it! But please, resist the urge to scratch the adhesive tissue. If you don’t, you’re intensively contributing to the damaging of your stick-on bra!

By following the above hacks, you can be certain that your stick-on bra will last for a long time! But remember that choosing a high-quality adhesive bra is the first step to having a long-lasting piece of underwear. So go to Metro Brazil’s website and check out all the amazing, renowned Brazilian lingerie brands available, like Lupo!


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