Perfect shampoo and conditioner sets for all hair types

We absolutely love a wide range of hair products and treatments. However, to have beautiful hair you must start with the basics: shampoo and conditioner.

After all, these two products will always be our most used hair products. There is no way to change it: we need shampoo to control the oiliness and remove dirt from our hair. And next, we need conditioners to seal hair cuticles and quickly restore the strands’ moisture. 

So, if your desire is to improve your hair looks, be ready to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner set. And if you don’t know which kind of set you should buy, relax: this article will show you the best for each hair type.

Why buy a shampoo and conditioner set?

We know that the main purpose of a shampoo is to clean the hair. Just like the main purpose of a conditioner is to seal cuticles and make hair smoother. 

But nowadays, their functions go beyond this: they keep doing their “main job”, but also provide many other benefits, helping to solve hair issues and adapting to all different hair types. 
Now, even these “basic” items have advanced technologies to furnish effective treatments. You can use this to your advantage: the right shampoo and conditioner will give you effortless beautiful hair. And buying matching products will strengthen its effect even more.

The best types of shampoos and conditioners for each hair

Each hair has its own needs, and there are different formulas for all of them. Get to know them and elect your favorite! 

Shampoo and conditioner for dry hair

Search for shampoos and conditioners with nourishing ingredients, such as oils and butters. Coconut, argan, and avocado oils are good examples, just like shea and jojoba butter. The best shampoos for dry hair have a creamy and milky appearance. Due to their moisturizing properties, they are dense and have an opaque color and firm consistency. 

They make a very mild cleanse, being the type of shampoo that most preserves the natural hydration of the hair. Conditioners made for this hair type usually follow the same consistency as shampoos: they are firm, thick and dense. 

Shampoo and conditioner for oily hair

For oily hair, lighter shampoos and conditioners are better. Transparent shampoos, also known as clear shampoos, don’t contain so many oils and emollient ingredients such as milky versions. They also make a deeper and more intense cleanse, which make them the most indicated version of shampoo for greasier locks.

Conditioners for oily hair can’t be thick or dense: they have a lighter, even thinner texture. This avoids the strands getting “heavy”.

Normal hair – and all hair types

If you have normal hair or simply couldn’t fit your hair in any of the categories above, this topic is for you. The secret in this case is to find balance between cleanse and moisture

For that, you can use a transparent shampoo (if you like deeper cleanses) or a translucent one. Translucent shampoos would be a middle course between transparents and milky. They are characterized by a pearlescent appearance. 

For conditioners, you can use a thicker one to balance the cleanse of the clear shampoo. Or, also choose a middle course: a product with a texture that is neither too thick or thin and  still rich in emollient ingredients. This way, you will have all the moisture you need and still keep your hair light weighted. 


Now that you know the right textures and ingredients to suit your hair type, you are ready to choose the perfect shampoo and conditioner set

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