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Is there such a thing as sexy pajamas? Meet the “babydoll”

The comfortable nightgown that will make you feel sensual all night long!

If you are tired of sleeping with sweatpants and an old T-shirt on, you’ve come to the right place! Of course, at bedtime, nothing sounds better than sleeping in comfy clothes, but sometimes we want to feel more sensual, right? So, on those occasions, nothing better than the babydoll: a revolutionary lingerie-pajama mix, the perfect combination of sensuality and comfort!

The name “babydoll” comes from the original style and length of this garment, which is usually 15 centimeters above the knee. This nightgown is a camisole that is also currently considered an extremely sexy lingerie! It can be made of cotton or even silk with lace details – a real knockout! Therefore, there are many options to choose from. But you may be wondering “who invented this piece of clothing so incredible and original?”… Well, get ready for a brief fashion history class!

Nowadays babydolls can be see-through with lace details, for example!

The invention was the work of the American designer Sylvia Pedlar, who in the 1940s, in the middle of the Second World War, a period of great scarcity of the most diverse products, found a solution to the lack of fabrics by shortening the nightdresses of her underwear brand! However, at that time, the sexy aspect of this clothing piece did not yet exist as strongly as today. Sylvia’s camisoles were short, but they had extravagant sleeves and were made of white loose fabric, which reminded people of baby doll clothes[1]Malagolini, A. (2020, June 19). História da camisola e do vestido babydoll – Símbolos de libertação feminina. Fashion Bubbles. … Continue reading!

Today’s babydolls can also be white (but a lot sexier, right?)

The women of the time, hungry for novelties, simply fell in love with the babydoll and started using it with great frequency! However, it was in the 60’s, with women’s liberation movements, that the babydoll’s status was consolidated: it was not only pajamas, but also lingerie and, believe or not, even a dress. Many women started wearing the garment outside the bedroom, going to night parties with the garment[2]Malagolini, A. (2020, June 19). História da camisola e do vestido babydoll – Símbolos de libertação feminina. Fashion Bubbles. … Continue reading!

It is clear that over the years this piece of clothing has undergone several changes, becoming increasingly short and provocative. Details, prints and colors were being used more and more, making the options countless!

Raspberry babydoll
A color that looks just amazing on the babydoll is raspberry!

Despite being originally from the USA, the garment has become very popular specially in France, where day to day dresses are made following the molds of the original one, known as “babydoll dresses”[3]Salessy, H. (2020, July 8). 5 white babydoll dresses to be right on trend this summer. Vogue Paris. … Continue reading. But if there is a country where women love this piece of clothing, it is Brazil! A brand known that deserves a shoutout for its beautiful babydoll pieces is the Fruit de La Passion, full of wonderful options.

Yellow lingerie
Just look at this yellow babydoll! Sweet dreams are made of this, indeed!

Seeing the beauty of the babydoll and knowing its history, its success is more than understandable, isn’t it? Being able to find comfort and sensuality in one piece is something that makes all women happy, confident and full of self-esteem! So, say goodbye to sweatpants and an overworn t-shirt (at least for a while!) and say hello to the babydoll!


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