Is it safe to get a keratin treatment on bleached hair?

Keratin treatments are one of the most desired salon therapies. It is known for its results: it makes hair lustrous and super smooth. However, this procedure is a chemical treatment and because of that, it requires some special care. It is undeniable that keratin treatments improve hair appearance, but not all hair types are able to use it.

There are many doubts that surround keratin treatments. One of the most famous questions is if keratin protein is safe to use on bleached hair, since both are chemical procedures. This article will explain to you if there are any risks, advantages, and side effects of getting a protein treatment on colored hair.

What is a keratin treatment

It is a special treatment you get at a salon. Also known as Brazilian blowout, it builds a keratin layer around the hair and seals the cuticles, resulting in a super silky touch and extreme shine.

Keratin treatment has a chemistry that is activated by the use of a heat tool (usually a flat iron) and it usually lasts for three or four months.

How does a hair bleaching procedure work?

Basically, it breaks through the hair shaft and oxidizes melanin granules, removing its pigment and giving your hair a new and lighter color. This process is aggressive and can cause damage. Because of that, bleached hair needs special care and extra moisture.

Is it safe to get a keratin treatment on bleached hair?

This doubt makes a lot of sense: since the bleaching process is aggressive and might leave the strands fragile; doing another chemical treatment might not sound like the best solution. But actually, you need to know that it is totally possible. You just have to take care and follow some rules, such as:

  • If you have bleached hair and want to invest in a keratin treatment, you must wait at least four weeks. That happens because the bleaching process makes the hair way drier and more susceptible to damage. 

Keratin treatments are activated by heat tools, such as blow dryers and flat irons, and logically, this excessive heat might be really harmful for hair that just had gone through a bleaching process.

  • Another important thing to check is if the chemicals from the keratin treatment are compatible with the chemicals from your bleach. Some keratin treatments can change your hair color and aggravate possible damage. 

However, there are a bunch of new keratin treatments, designed especially for blondes. These ones have formulas that enhance the blonde color even more, helping to neutralize yellow undertones.

Following these rules, it is totally possible to get a keratin treatment on bleached hair. Just remember to take a break of four weeks at least and choose your keratin treatment wisely. 

If your hair is way too damaged due to the bleaching process, suspend the keratin treatment process – at least for a while. Even though this treatment improves the hair look, it is still a chemical treatment and its application might be “too much” for fragile hair.

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