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    How to remove protein treatment from hair

    Protein treatments are really popular and a great investment for many women. However, taste is something very personal, and even though a lot of women love protein treatments, some others don’t. In case you have done a keratin treatment but don’t really feel like it is what you expected, you don’t have to worry.

    Getting back to your natural hair is a personal choice and if that is your decision, know that you can totally achieve what you want! However, the process is not quick: it demands dedication and patience. Now let’s get straight to the point: this article will teach you how to remove protein treatment from hair!

    First of all, have patience

    You will get rid of your hair protein treatment. But like we just mentioned, the process is not fast nor easy. A protein treatment is a chemical treatment, which means it has a very deep effect that might even modify the hair structure. Usually, protein treatments last around three or four months. But if you make an effort to remove it, you can achieve your goal after some weeks.

    The results are gradual, so day after day you will progress more. But you have to remember that you can’t remove a treatment in a matter of hours or days. So keep being patient.

    Water: the more the better

    The more you wash your hair, the sooner the protein treatment will disappear. Besides water, everything that involves water helps you: swimming (in pools or on the beach), getting wet in the rain… the more water, the better.

    Physical activities to remove protein treatments

    In case you are wondering what exactly physical activities have to do with hair care, the answer is simple: sweat. Exercises make you sweat more and each drop of sweat affects the hair directly. 

    That means the more you sweat, the less the treatment will last. Plus: besides affecting the protein treatment’s duration, sweat also makes your hair dirty and greasy. As a result, you’ll have to wash it more often – which, in this case, is great!


    Doing different hairstyles, especially right after doing a protein treatment, is not recommended at all. That happens because hairstyles, such as braids buns and even babyliss styling, can affect the straightening effect provided by the treatment.

    Nevertheless, since our intention is to remove the protein treatment – and its straightening effect – hairstyles are very welcome.

    Shampoo to remove protein

    You know that when it comes to getting rid of a chemical treatment, the more you wash your hair, the better. Water helps you remove hair’s treatment, but it is not the only thing responsible for it. Actually, there is a hair product that can be your most effective trick – and it is something that literally everyone has in the bathroom. We are talking about shampoos, of course.

    Shampoo’s cleansing effect not only removes the dirt from the hair: it also removes, slowly, the chemical treatments. If you want an even stronger effect, shampoos with strong sulfates or clarifying shampoos are great for it.

    When it comes to fragile hair types, we usually recommend sulfate-free shampoos, since their milder cleanse is gentle on hair. However, in this situation, the “aggressive” cleanse promoted by sulfates is really useful. 

    The result is even more effective when we talk about clarifying shampoos. But be careful: clarifying and purifying shampoos must be applied at most weekly. Plus, invest in deep conditioners to avoid dryness and damage.

    By following these tips, you will get rid of the protein treatment sooner and enjoy your natural hair texture once again.

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