How to fix high porosity hair

The ability of your hair to absorb and hold onto moisture is referred to as its porosity. Your hair may be categorized as having high, medium, or low porosity depending on how porous it is. If your hair has a high porosity, it can easily absorb things like water, oils, and other liquids. 

On the other hand, due to its high porosity, your hair might not be able to retain moisture as effectively as other hair types. This article contains the solutions you’re looking for if you want to learn more about highly porous hair, how to take care of it, and what products to use.

What is hair with high porosity?

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Your hair strands are composed of three layers: the outermost layer, the cuticle; the middle layer, cortex; the innermost layer, the medulla.The amount of moisture, as well as products and chemicals, that may be absorbed is regulated by these cuticles. The cuticles may not be able to absorb moisture if they are too close together. Low porosity is what is meant by this.

On the other hand, high porosity happens when cuticles are too far apart: moisture can easily enter the hair, but it doesn’t stay there long enough to hydrate and feed it. It frequently results from chemical applications to the hair, such as bleaching, blow-drying, and straightening.

Your cuticles may become damaged as a result of these treatments, lifting or separating. Your hair may become more porous than usual as a result of gaps being made between your cuticles.

What traits distinguish high porosity hair?

Your hair could be high porosity if it looks and feels dry, tends to be frizzy and tangles easily, and is easily broken. Air dries quickly and absorbs products quickly.

How to fix hair with high porosity

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The objectives of hair care for very porous hair include lessening and correcting cuticle damage and assisting with moisture retention.

Utilizing products with the proper composition for this hair type can help nourish, moisturize, and mend highly porous hair. This usually entails utilizing hair care products with “heavier” components like oils or butters.

The right products

There are some specific characteristics you must look for in your hair products if you want to fix and avoid high porosity. Here are some of them:

  • Shampoo: Opt for gentle cleanse shampoos. Avoid transparent shampoos, instead prefer pearlescent or milky shampoos, that usually have more moisturizing ingredients in their composition. 

Besides, it is super important to invest in sulfate free shampoos: the cleanse is way more delicate, since sulfates tend to strip out hair’s natural moisture. 

  • Conditioner: Butters and oils found in conditioners may aid in sealing the cuticle’s openings and forming a shield.
  • Deep conditioner: Deep conditioning treatments are particularly useful for giving severely porous hair moisture, nourishment, and smoothness. Try to apply a deep conditioner once or twice per week, if possible.

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You can attempt a variety of techniques and products that could help your hair stay healthier and be simpler to manage and take care of. Consult your stylist about strategies to improve the texture and general health of your hair if it is breaking or lacking moisture.

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