Green: the most fashionable color for your bodysuit

Looking for an “up” to your bodysuits and wardrobe? Trying new colors, like green, is a great way to make it! And you don’t have to be afraid: colorful clothes are super fashionable and there are many shades to suit your skin and your style.

Back in 2017, when Pantone elected “Greenery” as the color of the year, many people turned their noses. After “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity Blue” fever in 2016, no one thought that an eccentric color like vibrant green would take the place of delicates and pastel shades. 

Well, it may have taken a few years, but it did happen: in 2021 intense and bold colors have been everywhere and green shades are owning a special place in fashionistas’ closets.

It seems that this will remain a trend for a while: green is still trending, in many different shades and also in many different ways: shoes, clothing, decor, beachwear and even underwear. 

Feeling scared of investing in a non-conventional color? Don’t worry, in this article we will show you many types of green and then you’ll feel free to pick your favorite. Let’s check it! 

Olive Green

This shade is warmer, with yellow overtones. As the name suggests, it is similar to the color of an olive. It is a sober tone, good for elegant bodysuits and to be worn in offices and formal events. But, it also goes well with some casual outfits, especially when combined with softer and more playful colors, like pastel pink. 


Emerald Green

This color is elegant, vibrant and happy at the same time. It suits mainly women with dark hair, dark skin and dark eyes. But can be worn by everyone, resulting in a flashy but classy look. 



Intense, flashy and warm green was chosen by Pantone in 2017, but it has never been so modern! This guarantees a different, bold and fun look. It is an extremely optimistic shade, so it is a good suggestion for your summery looks: in casual bodysuits or even beachwear bodysuits. 

But, if you are not so used to this uncommon color, you can wear it in a subtle way – in accessories, for example.


Turquoise green

This is another shade that has everything to do with spring and summer. Turquoise is fun, beautiful and refreshing. If you are into cooler green tones or if you are not a fan of classic greens, this is a good option, since it has a blue-ish mixture. 

Invest in a turquoise beach bodysuit for summer to match it with turquoise waters during your vacation! 

If you prefer, it can also compose a fancier look as it always goes well combined with pearl, off white, beige and nude tones. 


Light green

Light green is sophisticated and soft, working almost like a neutral color: matches all the seasons, occasions and garments. A sage green bodysuit, for example, can be that different and versatile piece of clothing you were looking for! 

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