Differences between a Keratin treatment and a Brazilian Blowout

Which one should you get?

If you are just a tiny bit into hair care, you have heard about keratin treatments and Brazilian blowouts before! Most of the time, people talk about them as if they are the same thing – after all, both treatments promise to leave the locks smooth and shiny. However, they are actually two different things, and it can be very hard to know where the difference lies!

Knowing the difference between a keratin treatment and a Brazilian Blowout is really important (especially if you plan to get one of those treatments done). So today, we are going to talk about what distinguishes those hair procedures from each other![1]G. (2021a, February 19). What are the Four Key Differences between Keratin Treatment and Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment. Softer Hair. … Continue reading 


First of all, let’s establish some essential information about these treatments!

  • Brazilian Blowout is actually a trademark – “Brazilian Blowout™”! Although salons use the name to refer to their smoothing treatments, they normally don’t use the original product.
  • Keratin treatments, however, are those smoothing treatments that are mainly composed of keratin. Therefore, there are several different keratin treatments, from many brands.

Although we are going to talk about the differences between them, we need to acknowledge the fact that these hair procedures have a main aspect in common: they achieve a similar effect – smooth and shiny mane – by creating a layer of protein around the hair fiber. Also, Keratin treatments and Brazilian blowouts use some chemicals on their formula, which means you’ll be exposed to them to some degree during the heat activation!

Besides the similarities above, after going through one of those treatments, you’ll have to cut back a bit on hair washing! That’s because you want the effects to last as long as possible, ok? Now, let’s move on to the differences…


Each treatment works best in different hair types. If your hair is curly, thick, or super voluminous, you should opt for a keratin treatment! That is because this type of procedure leaves your hair straighter and with less volume, making it more manageable! 

However, if you want to keep your hair voluminous but just decrease the amount of frizz in it, a Brazilian Blowout is the one for you! It’s also recommended for those with fine or already straightened hair since it’s less powerful than Keratin treatments. Also, if you have done a Japanese straightening procedure before, stick to the Brazilian Blowout.


A very noticeable contrast between these two treatments is the time they take to be performed! That’s also related to the fact that Keratin treatments can be done at home, while Brazilian Blowouts are usually done at a hair salon. Because of that, the former can take up to three hours to be completed, while the latter takes from one to two hours!


As always, after going through a hair treatment, there are some precautions you should have in order to get the best results possible! And here lies another divergence between the treatments we are talking about!

After the keratin treatment, you should stay 3 days without washing your hair to keep the product active in it. You should also avoid tying your hair and touching it! Meanwhile, with a Brazilian Blowout, the moment you leave the hair salon, your treatment is already complete, with means you can wash your locks whenever you want! There’s also no problem in styling your hair!

Well, which hair treatment do you think would work best for you? If your answer was the Keratin treatment, check out the amazing options available at Metro Brazil, from the best Brazilian brands! And if you want to know how to do the procedure at home, go read this previous article. You won’t regret it!


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