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Best Full Body Shaper: The Instant Solution for a Fit Body

Ladies always strive for that tight, fit, and flawless body. They go on strict diets depriving themselves of many kinds of foods, they spend a lot of time in the gym, and they even go into surgery. All for that elegant look with an outlined waist that they might not eventually reach.

Here at MetroBrazil, we provide the perfect solution for saggy skin and uneven body look with less time and money consumption; our original Brazilian full body shaper.

Full body shaper is ideal for belly, hips, and waist issues. It tightens your body from the breasts down to the knees and offers support along the way. It comes in different lengths and styles for you to pick from according to your needs and desires. You can wear it underneath diverse kinds of clothes on various occasions to achieve that glamorous appearance.

What is Full Body Shaper?

It is one-piece shaper designed to tighten and support the body, beginning with the breasts area down to the waist, belly, hips, and legs. It is offered in various sizes and lengths for you to pick what suits both your body and clothes.

Collective Styles of Full Body Shaper

Backless Boxer Full Body Shaper

backless boxer full body shaper

It is a unique piece; backless, medium length, which allows you to wear it under different clothes, especially summer dresses. It has many features and benefits, including:

  • It provides full-body support, from breasts to thighs.
  • It applies soft compression to the waist, belly, and hips for a tighter look.
  • You can wear it underneath backless dresses with no worries, and it is offered with different colors to pick from according to the color of the dress.
  • It supports the breasts and lifts the buttocks for an attractive feminine look.
  • It reduces cellulite when you wear it for at least six hours daily.
  • It has a hygienic opening to ease the process of going to the bathroom.
  • It has adjustable straps.

Long Full Body Shaper with an embedded bra

long full body shaper

This type of shapewear offers many benefits:

  • It has high compression points to the belly and waist areas, and it gives your body an outlined, tight, and elegant appearance.
  • It has a front opening with triple adjustment brackets on the waist area for size adjustment and a hygienic opening to ease going to the bathroom.
  • It is manufactured with great delicacy from high-quality soft fabric that gives your skin high breathability and does not cause discomfort, sweating, or excess heat.

One-Piece swimsuit full body shaper with Padded Bra

One-Piece swimsuit full body shaper

Many women prefer this type of shapewear, especially in summer, to wear underneath their shorts and short dresses. It has many features and benefits, including:

  • This shapewear is suitable for small and medium breasts sizes.
  • It is easy to put on, with an interlocking hook for easy opening in the bathroom.
  • It has hooks on the back for size adjustment, in addition to adjustable straps.
  • It helps tighten your belly and waist, and it also lifts your breasts for a uniquely feminine look.

Plus Size Bermuda Full Body Shaper

Plus size full body shaper

Overweight is often accompanied by sagging in the belly, hips, and waist, which drives women to go for full body shapewear to reduce measurements and have the liberty to have a look they desire. This product has many features, such as:

  • Hidden hygienic opening for bathroom comfort.
  • It prevents friction between the legs.
  • Manufactured with comfortable soft fabric and delicate outlines making it invisible under the clothes.
  • It allows your skin to breathe and maintains its youthfulness.

Medium length dress full body shaper

dress full body shaper

You can wear this type of shapewear under dresses, whether for a casual outgoing or a special occasion. It offers many features, like:

  • It tightens and supports breasts, belly, and hips.
  • Manufactured with high-quality, invisible-under-clothes fabrics, with adjustable straps.
  • It reduces cellulite when you wear it for at least six hours daily.
  • Fabricated with great delicacy for your comfort and freedom of movement.

You can purchase these products in the Arab World from MetroBrazil store, where all high-quality Lupo and Plie designed products are available with competitive prices and fast delivery.

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