Benefits of combining arm and leg exercises on the same workout

While not the most popular training split, pairing legs and arms on the same workout might be excellent for a muscular growth split. Leg and arm exercises should be scheduled on the same day to improve the quality of work sets for both muscle groups. And provide lifters the chance to increase their training frequency to promote additional growth. 

Higher training frequencies also aid in recovery. (when compared to pairing arms with other upper body muscles). But how do you combine arm and leg exercises on the same day? This article will help you build a routine that outlines all the specifics for how to combine leg and arm exercises on the same day!

Benefits of exercising arms and legs on the same workout

Training your arms and legs on the same day has the following three advantages:

-Increased Training Frequency

-Train to Grow without Tiredness

-Minimizes Excessive Single Day Volume

Whatever workout split you decide on, it’s critical to keep in mind that the optimal workout split is the one that is continuously followed.

You must consider the effects of training one muscle group immediately after another when deciding which muscle groups to pair together on the same day. The simultaneous training of the chest and triceps is a nice illustration of this.

If you conclude your chest workout with a hard bench press and some dumbbell presses. And then flies followed by pushups, your triceps will already be sore from the pressing. By the time you finish your triceps workout with weight dips and skull crushers.

However, in this case, as you advance, you will be hampered since you won’t be able to push intensities in the beginning of the work set volume for triceps. Because they will always be pre-fatigued. 

You will still find that you can achieve some results and muscle growth just by completing work. Since the biceps and triceps are not used (or are only used as secondary muscle groups during lower body training), pairing legs and arms is a perfect option for most people. (exception may be during hinging movements where you need to hold onto a heavy barbell). 

With the arm exercises after leg training, you can frequently push hard intensities and complete high-quality work sets.

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Suggestions of arm and leg exercises combinations

  • A third of your arms volume, some hamstrings, and the majority of your direct quadriceps weekly volume for Day 1.
  • On Day 2, you complete the last third of your weekly arm volume, the last sets of your direct quadriceps volume, and the remaining hamstring volume.
  • Then, on a different day of the week, you might add 3–4 more work sets for the biceps and triceps to reach your total weekly volume milestones for arm growth.

For people aiming to enhance muscle growth in the arms and legs without having to compete with other muscle groups during a workout, combining leg and arm training on the same day is a terrific alternative.

Making splits that train legs and arms on the same day can enhance triceps and biceps growth. Also can reduce the accumulation of excessive training volumes when training arms on days dedicated to the upper body. And enable more frequent arm training. [1]Dewar, M. (2022, September 24). Leg And Arm Workout: How To Structure On The Same Day –. Fitbod. Retrieved October 1, 2022, from

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