Beauty tips from Brazil you should be following

Find out the beauty secrets of this gorgeous country

Women all around the world are beautiful, and there’s no arguing about that. But one thing that has been going on for a relatively long time is Brazilian women’s beauty… Although not all ladies from Brazil are Gisele and Adriana Lima’s copies, they do love taking care of their beauty – inside and out! That’s why today we are going to show you a few Brazilian beauty tips[1]10 Beauty Tricks All Brazilian Women Know. (n.d.). Byrdie. Retrieved March 17, 2021, from!

One thing you should know about beauty tricks from Brazil is that most of them are related to nature somehow[2]Woodward, L. (2020, April 30). 5 Brazilian Beauty Secrets That’ll Change Your Regime – GlossyBox. GLOSSYBOX. That’s mainly because of the country’s historical roots – indigenous tribes passed some of their secrets to the whole nation – and its richness in natural resources! So be prepared to get some awesome DIY recommendations!


Although Brazil is known for being one of the countries with the highest number of plastic surgeries (with aesthetic purposes only), more and more each day women are being impacted with the body positive movement! So the first beauty tip we can gather from Brazilian women is: love yourself, exactly as you are! 

There isn’t a prettier-looking woman than one that is comfortable in her own skin – with flaws and imperfections. Not all of us are going to look like Gisele, Alessandra Ambrosio, or Adriana Lima, but that’s ok! Being different is one of the awesome things about life, and Brazilian women know that!


Related to the above tip, another thing Brazilian women do is see beauty as a way to take care of themselves! So, not only are they going to feel beautiful, but they are also going to feel relaxed and confident because they did something for themselves[3]Winter, L. (2018, July 23). These are the beauty mantras Brazilian women swear by for looking so damn good. Glamour UK.!

Is very common for Brazilian women to have a “me day” or a “beauty day”: days when they go to the hair salon or simply do homemade treatments to take care of their bodies and souls!  Days like that make them feel invigorated and wonderful, inside and out! Why don’t you try to add a “me, myself, and I” moment to your routine?


We told you there were going to be some tips related to nature, and this is one of them. In Brazil, it’s very easy to find coconut water – both the natural version (in which you drink directly from the coconut) and the bottled one. However, not only is coconut water great for the body, but it is also great for some DIY treatments!

One of the most famous supermodels from the country, Alessandra Lima, revealed that she likes to soak some cotton pads on coconut water and simply apply it to the skin! Awesome, isn’t it? 


You may already know that vitamin C is great for the skin. Brazilian women know that and love to add vitamin C serum to their skincare routine! This nutrient is known for its antioxidant properties, as well as its ability to make skin glow and reduce aging signs! 

A lot of Brazilian also try to ingest high amounts of vitamin C. One thing they do is orange and mango juice: nutritious and delicious!


Most Brazilian households have a “babosa” vase. Translating that for you: almost every Brazilian woman has her own aloe vera plant! Isn’t that amazing? Women from all over the country love to do some DIY hair masks with aloe vera! They simply cut one piece of the plant and pour the “gel” out of it, mix it into their conditioner, and done! 


Odds are you have read about or even done yourself a Brazilian “maniped”! In Brazil, women are known for getting weekly manicures and pedicures, with a special focus on the feet. Not only do they paint their toenails, but they also exfoliate and moisturize their feet! By doing so, they guarantee that they can use flip-flops and rock some gorgeous bare feet!

  1. SUNSCREEN 24/7

Ok, so this beauty tip is actually known to be very important all around the world… But Brazilian women wear sunscreen every single day! And that’s mainly because of the tropical weather – even when it’s rainy or cloudy, the sun is there to affect the skin. Also, this tip is extremely related to their smooth skin fame, so if you don’t use sunscreen already, do it now! In a few years’ time, you will thank yourself for using it.

Did you know about all of these awesome beauty tips? As you can see, Brazilian women are very fond of taking care of themselves. No wonder the country has some FANTASTIC beauty products brands that you can find on Metro Brazil’s website! Go check them out!


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