Balayage hair: what is it and how to take care of it

When it comes to coloring hair, blonde (or lighter shades in general) are always a favorite and a classic. Highlighting the strands is always a good solution for people who are looking for some change, but in a subtle, delicate and timeless way. After all, enhancing hair by going some shades lighter never really goes out of style.

Among all the possible types of highlights, one of the most famous is the balayage. During some seasons they get more trendy, but even when it is not the case, they never really disappear. Well, they promise to be a massive hit again this year, and if you are thinking of getting balayage hair, this article will be your official guide!

What is balayage

Balayage is a type of highlighting technique. It has been a while since it was created, however, it doesn’t matter how time changes; this hairstyle is always among the most wanted in beauty salons, since it guarantees a natural and elegant look. The process of coloring is hand-painted; the highlights are really thin and become denser as it moves down to the hair tips. 

The colors are usually just a few shades lighter than the natural hair, which makes them blend even more with the natural hair color, guaranteeing an easy and low maintenance.

The difference between traditional highlights

Traditional highlights tend to use lighter shades, while balayage tends to have subtle colors. Besides, traditional highlights are made with aluminum foils, which results in a more intense lightening effect, with a stronger contrast.

Advantages of balayage

  • Natural effect.
  • Provides a beachy and sunkissed glow.
  • Seamless transition, that still looks natural even after the roots’ growth.
  • Low maintenance, thanks to the seamless transition.

How to take care of balayages

It is true and a big advantage that highlights have a lower maintenance than traditional highlights. However, that doesn’t mean balayages don’t require any maintenance at all – on the contrary, they need some special care to look healthy and beautiful.

Frequent moisture

After doing highlights, you might feel your hair a little drier (it tends to happen after any coloring procedure). To avoid and reverse it, invest in moisturizing hair products, especially hair masks/deep conditioners. 

You should apply these products often – usually weekly or biweekly – and leave for some minutes (follow the instructions according to the manufacturer). Investing in leave-ins and hair oils is also a great idea.

Purple hair products

If you choose balayage as your highlights’ technique, you probably won’t need to retouch the color all the time – actually, some people go nearly a year without having to dye their hair again. However, color still needs maintenance to look fine, and that is when you’ll need the help of purple hair products.

A purple shampoo has a super intense color because it is rich in violet pigments. These pigments neutralize yellowish undertones, refreshing the blonde shades. Besides shampoos, there are also purple versions of conditioners and hair masks. Use them combined to enhance even more the purple shampoo effect.

However, be careful: these products are not for daily use. You must apply them biweekly and leave them for the time that the manufacturer recommends. Applying them too often or leaving them for too long can result in purple/bluish undertones.

By knowing this, you are ready to book an appointment at your favorite hairdresser and get the most beautiful balayage! 

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