Are shapewears really useful?

We all want to enhance our best features and disguise our insecurities. The beauty market offers us many solutions and tools to achieve this goal and among the most famous – and controversial – there are shapewears.

There are many people who love good shapewear. Some others think this type of garment is not useful and unnecessary. Between both, there are also people who want to try shapewear but feel afraid of not making a good investment. After all, is it worth it to use it or not? That is what we are going to figure out now!

How do shapewears work?

There are many types of shapewear and each one addresses a different kind of body and need. But in general, shapewear is made up of special materials and technologies that offer compression to shape the body, reducing measurements and sculpting the figure.

We can affirm that it does work, but its effect is instantaneous. That means that by the moment you wear shapewear, you’ll be able to see the difference. However, these changes won’t be permanent, and if you don’t invest in a healthy diet and good exercise, after taking off the shapewear, the effect you had will immediately disappear.

Benefits of wearing shapewears

Shapewear doesn’t replace exercise or a healthy diet, but that doesn’t mean it is not useful. Actually, there are plenty of advantages to wearing it. Take a look at some:

Can improve your overall look

Shapewear is versatile: there is the right piece for any occasion. You can wear it at a party or even for a more usual event, like your office outfit. It can improve the look of any outfit and boost your confidence by enhancing your best curves. Plus, if you have a specific cloth you love but it is hard to wear or doesn’t look that good on your body, shapewear can fix that easily.

Confidence boost

Shapewear is made to shape our body. It reduces measurements besides helping to hide some details that might cause insecurities. Plus, it highlights the best features of the body. This results in a confidence boost.

Improves posture

Besides providing compression, shapewear also provides back support. That helps you achieve a straight and firm posture and consequently relieves lower back pain.


How to choose shapewears

Pick the right size

Shapewear is not a synonym for discomfort. On the contrary, even though it offers compression, they are supposed to feel comfortable on your body. That is why it is important to pick the right size: choosing smaller sizes will not result in more effective compression. 

Actually, it is likely that you won’t even be able to wear smaller clothes. Even if you do, it probably won’t look good – neither feel comfortable. Stick to your true size to enjoy the best results.

Different fabrics provide different results

The more nylon, the more the it alters your figure. If the shapewear is lightweight and smooth, it probably has a more natural effect and only enhances your curves subtly. Shapewear that feels heavier and structured tends to create intense compression and more noticeable changes to the body figure.


We can conclude that only shapewear does not have the power of changing your body shape permanently – for that, you must invest in a routine of exercises and a balanced diet. But shapewear is really useful: it can improve the body shape in an instantaneous way, besides having other advantages as a plus.

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