8 Stylist Approved For Your Hair Care Routine

We all want beautiful and healthy hair. At the same time, we also want a simple hair care routine – something convenient that doesn’t take much time. It might seem impossible to get both – and many feel that we have to make a choice.

But we can surely tell you it is not like that: keeping a nice hair care routine is probably much easier than you think – and your strands will be thankful for that. So, if you are looking for tips to build a solid and effective hair care routine, this article is for you!

The perfect hair care routine

There is no perfect formula to build a hair care routine: there are many different hair types and each one demands a different treatment. However, there are some good habits that work well for everyone – and some hair care steps that most people do. Common steps that people in general do are: cleansing, conditioning, and styling.

Some steps are not fundamental for all hair types: styling, for example, also evolves a lot of personal taste – it really depends on the shape of your hair and how you like it to look. 

However, maintaining clean and conditioned hair is fundamental in every single case. What varies is how exactly you need to do each step and the frequency of them. And we are going to tell you how that works – keep up.

Basic steps of a hair care routine


Maintaining a completely clean scalp is a golden rule for absolutely every hair type. Making an efficient shampoo application all over the scalp tends to be an easy task for people with thin hair. 

However, this process is not that simple for people with thicker hair: to reach every spot and get hair completely clean, you might need to divide hair into sections and apply shampoo to each of them separately.

People with straight and thin hair need to shampoo the hair more often, besides needing a shampoo with a more intense cleansing. People with thicker hair don’t usually need to shampoo their hair as often as thin hair. Plus, for these hair types, milder cleanse shampoos with moisturizing properties are the best.


Thin hair needs a light weight conditioner that must be applied to the hair tips only. Applying conditioner to the roots results in a greasy effect. On the other hand, people with thick hair strands need a nourishing deep conditioner.

8 stylist approved tips to perfect hair routine

Now that you’ve learned the general tips to the cleansing and conditioning steps, it is time to learn some tips that will help you create a more elaborated routine. Relax! Elaborated doesn’t mean complicated: these tips are easy to follow and will guarantee you truly perfect hair!

  1. Don’t wait for your hair to get damaged: take care of it despite its health conditions. Healthy hair also needs attention, and prevention is always the best remedy.
  1. Take regular trims.
  1. Use heat styling tools safely: always wear a thermal protector first and avoid overuse. Give a break of one week, at least, between the use of each heat tool.
  1. Be gentle when brushing – that avoids breakage. If you need extra help, invest in leave-ins and special brushes that make the detangling process easier.
  1. Deep condition your hair regularly.
  1. Use a purifying shampoo weekly or biweekly (according to your hair needs).
  1. Use a sun protector during summer and humidifiers during winter.
  1. Don’t wash your hair with hot water – use warm or cold water instead. A final rinse with cold water guarantees super shiny hair with sealed cuticles.


This list is proof you don’t need to spend all your time and money on your hair care routine. These tips are simple to follow and will transform your hair in the most amazing way!

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