5 steps for choosing the best hair dryer

We all know that using a hair-dryer very often is not a good idea. After all, the excessive use of heat in the hair strands is very aggressive. However, we also know that, in certain situations, the use of this tool is extremely necessary (or simply essential)! So our only option is knowing how to choose the best one possible!


Do you know what to take into consideration when choosing your hair-dryer? Know that it goes far beyond the wattage! With your hair’s health and beauty in mind, today we will show you what you must consider when choosing the ideal one for your mane[1]Guglielmetti, P. (2018, March 27). How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer for Your Hair Type and Budget. Glamour. https://www.glamour.com/story/how-to-choose-best-hair-dryer! Let’s go!


The more wattage on the hair dryer’s motor, the more wind power/potency it has! And the thing is if a hairdryer has a high-wattage, the amount of time you will expose your hair to the heat will be lower! That is great especially for women with a lot of hair. So your goal is to aim for a device with nice wind power – something between 1800 and 2400W, ok?

Hair dryer


Keep in mind that if you have long or thick hair or you’re styling it in a different way, it is probably going to take you at least 15 minutes to dry it or style it. That’s why your hair dryer’s weight should be a top priority on your list. You don’t want your arm to feel numb, right? Unless you’re a very strong woman who hits the gym everyday… If that’s not your case, try to buy one that weighs less than 1 kilogram!

An awesome option of a hair-dryer that is potent (2400W!) and lightweight is this one, from the Brazilian brand, Lizze!


The way a hair-dryer distributes the heat is very important. If it is a plastic-only or totally metallic device, it will probably concentrate the heat on smaller parts of the hair, making the aggression from the heat stronger. So you must check if it contains porcelain or ceramic parts to coat the plastic and metallic ones. This guarantees that your hair won’t be as much frizzy and that it will dry faster!

Hair dryer

Also, you may find titanium options. They are great if you want a really lightweight hair-dryer or a very fast drying process, but it heats up a lot, so be careful with this one (especially if your hair is fragile).


We know that the objective of a hair-dryer is to use high temperatures to dry the hair. However, you should consider buying a device that has more than one temperature option or adjustable heat. It is great to have a cold temperature button that helps to seal the hair follicles (bye-bye, frizz) or a lower heat option, for those with hair that dries more easily!

This awesome hair-dryer from Lizze has not one, but THREE different temperatures!


Does the hair-dryer come with any accessories? It is nice to buy a device that already comes with accessories such as a diffuser – a must-have for curly hair! Another accessory that is great to have is a concentrating nozzle, that helps getting rid of frizz and straightening the hair!

Did you know about all these things that you should consider before buying a hair-dryer? Well, if you didn’t, now you are aware of the characteristics a great hair-dryer should possess! Check out Metro Brazil’s website for more information on hair-dryers and other heating devices from Lizze, a great option if you want to ensure that your hair will remain healthy and beautiful all the time!


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